FCC spells FUN

Initially, I was very excited about adding wireless capabilities to my product, and I was even more excited to find a plethora of available solutions in China. I could get any kind of remote, receiver, transceiver, encoder or decoder, FSK, OOK, ASK, in any frequency band 315MHz, 433MHz, 900MHz, 2.4GHz, at any power level. I found someone who had a remote with six buttons, which was exactly the kind of remote I needed. They had a matching receiver module, which had the decoder for handling the transmitted signal. I was even able to hook the receiver up to my product without any changes to the microcontroller firmware; it integrated directly into the same circuit as the rest of the buttons. And I contacted the manufacturer of the remote and was told I would even be able to customize the printing on the buttons and change the color of the remote. It was a perfect solution.

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