We solve problems and do cool things.

WYZGYZ was founded in 2011 by Bob Baddeley with the goal of becoming a growing and successful hardware and software development firm with quality products, good contracting relationships, and interesting and creative research.

What We Really Do


We get good ideas and build them up into products that we then sell. Being any more specific than that is limiting our creativity. We have hardware, software, even abstract art, applied to all kinds of fields. Check out the products page to see some of the things we’ve worked on.


We hire our skills out to other companies who need them. Contracts have included hourly software development tasks to do web development, build collaboration tools using python and linux, or fixed cost contracts to build web sites for people. We build hardware prototypes, write code in a variety of languages, and are well rounded enough to be able to say we’ve dealt with something related to just about anything that gets thrown at us. See our services page for more.


We explore ideas and contribute to the community. This includes research papers, collaboration, and contribution to open source. See the research page for more.

Behind Our Motto

Solving problems and doing cool things are the two driving forces behind WYZGYZ. That’s what keeps us going. We want to make lives better for people. Sometimes that means using a common solution, and sometimes that means unconventional or creative answers. As long as we’re doing good things and having fun, we’ll keep doing them. Pumping a mission statement with vague but business-appropriate words like ‘solutions’ and ‘innovation’ and ‘shifting paradigms’ conveys the wrong idea. We don’t just work because it makes money, and WYZGYZ isn’t a heartless corporation. We work because we get to do things that make us excited, and we want to work with people who say “look at this cool thing I’ve been working on!”. WYZGYZ may grow to become more mature, but it will never lose the excitement or focus on doing cool things.