WackyDancers – Case Study

WackyDancers are inflatable flailing arm tube people costumes designed to look similar to the advertising inflatables. After a Halloween costume went over really well, WYZGYZ worked with Ellen Creative Consulting to develop the product. WYZGYZ oversaw development, handled all logistics for sourcing materials, and funded the entire project. As Halloween approached, WYZGYZ worked to bring on additional contract labor to handle assembly. Then WYZGYZ created the web site, Amazon listings, and handled fulfillment of the product through the end of the Halloween season.

The costume sold to nearly every state, and with orders coming in as fast as the costumes could be manufactured, it was a race to get all the inventory assembled before Halloween. At the end of the first season, development costs had almost been recouped, with additional inventory (to satisfy minimum order quantities) still available for more units.

WYZGYZ was able to work with outside contractors, source materials (with revisions) from China, handle air and sea shipping and customs, launch a web site and Amazon presence, manufacture, and fulfill orders within only a few months.