WYZGYZ offers its brainpower to other companies as a contractor or consultant. We have knowledge and skills and experience that can be applied in a variety of environments and situations to develop custom solutions to problems. Areas of expertise include:

  • Web applications – Building web tools using HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP, using frameworks like Zend and jQuery.
  • Web site development and design¬†– Designing and building small-medium web sites using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, or various CMS systems like Drupal, WordPress, and Movable Type.
  • Mobile applications – Mobile-optimized web applications or Android operating system.
  • Desktop software – Java and Python for standalone desktop applications.
  • Small hardware design – Building small hardware projects for prototyping ideas.
  • Design for manufacture – Taking the prototype to a production ready design.
  • Integration software – Building software, scripts, and tools to automate and integrate separate systems.

If you are interested in working with WYZGYZ, please Contact Us